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EVade™ Ribonucleases

Ribonucleases (RNases) are enzymes that degrade ribonucleic acid (RNA). Ribonucleases can be internalized and end up in the cytosol of the cell. Their action is blocked by another protein, ribonuclease inhibitor (RI). The EVade™ RNase technology provides the means to produce enzymatically active variants that have diminished binding to ribonuclease inhibitor.


The EVade™ Ribonucleases degrade ribonucleic acids (RNA), resulting in inhibition of protein synthesis and cell death.

Advantages of the EVade™ Ribonucleases
  • EVade™ RNases kill cancer cells by a novel mechanism - destruction of RNA.
  • EVade™ RNases are of mammalian origin and are unlikely to be antigenic.
  • The therapeutic index of the EVade™ RNases is unlikely to be curtailed by efflux pumps.
  • EVade™ RNases work in combination with small molecule chemotherapeutics, such as vincristine.
  • Catalysis is necessary for toxicity. EVade™ RNases are approximately 103-fold better catalysts of RNA degradation than are the amphibian ribonucleases.
  • Mammalian RNases are not retained in the kidney.

Quintessence Biosciences is looking for partners with an interest in novel cancer therapies and their potential for combination and targeted therapy.

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